Natural Headache Relief: postures and oils to soothe.

Headaches can be a real showstopper. I've been getting anxious when I feel a headache or migraine come on knowing that they will become momentarily debilitating. I've been looking for remedies beyond Advil and Excedrin - something natural and  effective. 

5 Yoga Postures For Natural Headache Relief

Yoga is a great practice to invite more oxygen to the brain to help release the tension. Try poses that increase circulation and release tension in the muscles. Try to maintain an steady, equal parts breath. I like to work in peppermint oil, placing a drop on my tongue and massaging a few drops onto my neck and soles of my feet. 

1. Fish Pose

Fish Pose opens and stretches your chest, neck, and shoulders, relieving any tension you may have stored there. By releasing the crown of your head to the mat, you also allow a slight inversion to bring blood flow to your cranium.

2. Seated Forward Bend

This pose is a gentle stretch to release tension primarily in your back and hips and secondarily in your hamstrings. Breathe deep in this pose and try to visualize any stress or tension melting off of you. Feel free to use a bolster or dense pillow to rest your forehead or cheek. 
3. Supported Child’s Pose

Adding a bolster or pillow to your Child’s Pose takes relaxation to the next level. It invites a gentle stretch in your hips and back, allowing you to breathe deep and de-stress. Feel free to use a bolster or dense pillow to rest your forehead or cheek. 

4. Cat Pose

Cat Pose is our last pose to help release tension in your neck, shoulders, and upper spine to offer you some natural headache relief. The arch in your upper spine in this pose counteracts the hunched forward motion many of us find ourselves in daily.  

5. Legs Up the Wall

This gentle inversion helps you relax by lowering your blood pressure and calming your central nervous system. Feel free to find additional support by placing block under your hips.