Bali Bound 2014

The month of November 2014 was spent expanding my personal practice and spreading my love for yoga. I spent the majority of my time in Bali, Indonesia at The Shangrila Oceanside Retreat Center. This peaceful space is  located in the tiny town of Bondelam, a small fishing village on the north side of the island. The people who reside in this village are beaming with life. Welcoming me with their warm smiles and open arms. Everyone I encountered was beyond generous, always offering to share what little they had. The Balinese culture and Hindu religion run deep here. The people here are untainted by the tourism other parts of the island see. Moon rituals and daily offers to the gods became an all-encompassing part of my time there. Their gratitude was tangible.  The open-air shala created a welcome space to breath in new energy during my practice and meditation. The friends I made a the Shangrila will be life long. It's refreshing to be surrounded by so many like-minded and compassionate individuals.

Om Shanti