Costa Rica Yoga Retreat: Join me on the Journey.

Maybe you are on the fence about heading out on a yoga retreat. A life changing journey in which you will be surrounded by amazing energy, stunning scenery and the opportunity to unplug. That's right... letting go of the daily grind so you can rest, relax, restore and reconnect. Still debating? Here are a few reasons why I went on my first retreat:


Many yoga retreats take place in stunning, natural locations around the world. Get out of the hustle and bustle than to go on a yoga retreat! Connect with nature on a deeper level, immersing yourself in your surroundings and taking advantage of them in a way you might not otherwise do.


One of the many benefits of going on a yoga retreat is taking a vacation full of positive energy! On retreat, you’ll surround yourself with positive thoughts and feelings. No need to worry about any vacation stress, just embrace the positives vibes coming your way.


The food you eat on retreat is chosen with care for your health and wellbeing. Going on retreat is an opportunity to eat well without having to worry about it yourself, and it’s a wellness habit you can take home with you.


Treat yourself to an experience by going on a yoga retreat. This is a vacation all about YOU, leave the stresses of daily life behind, let it go, you deserve it!


Every retreat is different, even if you return to the same place. The other people and your frame of mind at the time will never be the same again. A yoga retreat will always result in a unique experience, and each retreat will be different as you continue to grow within yourself.

Ride the flow of the yoga classes, move to the rhythm of the waves, allow yourself to connect deeper to yourself and others. 
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Workshop: Flow, Roll and Restore for Athletes

Join me July 27, 2016 for a specialty class at Meta Yoga designed for the folks of the Colorado Rocky Mountains! 

The Summit County Lifestyle can take its toll.
Come flow, roll, and resort your hardworking body! All levels welcome!
All of the hiking, biking and trail running can take a toll on your body. This workshops provides the perfect space to rejuvenate, allowing you to reach your true athletic potential. We will being our practice by warming the body through pranayama breathing and our asana flow. The rolling encourages myofascial release and muscle repair (think Deep Tissue Massage) followed by much needed relaxation and restorative postures.

Bring your friends along for the ride!



Yoga Doesn’t Care!

Yoga Doesn’t Care: A Disclaimer that should be posted in every Studio.
Yoga isn’t about our lifestyle, our beliefs, our weight, our diet, our flexibility, how spiritual or enlightened we are.Yoga is just about showing up and doing our dance on our mats.

Yoga doesn’t care what your hair looks like.
Yoga doesn’t care if you are vegetarian, if you eat meat or know what Kombucha is.
Yoga doesn’t care when the last time you practiced was—yesterday, six months ago, never.
Yoga doesn’t care what kind of mat you have, brand new or eating away at itself.
Yoga doesn’t care if you show up cranky or exhausted.
Yoga doesn’t care what religion you believe in.
Yoga doesn’t care what color your skin is or what gender you choose to love.
Yoga doesn’t care if you wear mala beads.
Yoga doesn’t care what the tag on the back of your pants says.
Yoga doesn’t care if you don’t know what yoga means.
Yoga doesn’t care how much money you have, what house you live in, what car you drive.
Yoga doesn’t care if you are flexible.
Yoga doesn’t care if you fall over in Trikonasana.
Yoga doesn’t care if you fart during practice.
Yoga doesn’t care if you ever make it into head stand.
Yoga doesn’t care if you feel uncomfortable saying Namaste and Om.
Yoga doesn’t care if you drink super food smoothies or drink coconut water.
Yoga doesn’t care if choose the back corner or the front row of the room to practice.
Yoga doesn’t care if you stay to meditate.
Yoga doesn’t care if you can put your leg behind your head, or lick your own ass.
Yoga doesn’t care if you know what Ujjayi breath is.
Yoga doesn’t care if you smoke cigarettes, and drink whisky.
Yoga doesn’t care if you need to leave class halfway through because you’re dehydrated and need to get water.
Yoga doesn’t care if you have a man bun.
Yoga doesn’t care if your monkey mind takes over.
Yoga doesn’t care how old you are, the color of your hair doesn’t affect your practice.
Yoga doesn’t care if you juice or cleanse.
Yoga doesn’t care if you shake the entire 60 minutes.
Yoga doesn’t care if you only feel comfortable doing yoga in Mexico.
Yoga doesn’t care if you spend the entire class in child’s pose.
Yoga doesn’t care what political party you vote for.
Yoga doesn’t care if you are single or divorced.
Yoga doesn’t care if you like Rumi.
Yoga doesn’t care if you like your teacher.
Yoga doesn’t care if you complete a 30 day challenge.
Yoga doesn’t care what version of wheel you go up into.
Yoga doesn’t care if you shop at whole foods.
Yoga doesn’t care if you remember to shave your armpits.
Yoga is just happy you show up.

Author: Janne Robinson - Elephant Journal

Power of the collective

Moments of solitude are necessary to bring the gaze inward. Giving yourself permissions to quite the mind, to reflect, and to allow the body to be still is invaluable.

While physical and emotional nourishment is fundamental for the individual - the power of the collective is equally imperative. Humans were created to live and thrive in a community.  We are intended to build relationships that strengthen and nurture the individual and in turn create a more vibrant and cohesive society.

Kula, family, group, crew, circle… whatever you want to call it: there will always be power in numbers. I’m not referring to power in terms of brute force. I’m referring to the power of the collective; in terms of thoughts, vitality and collaboration. While listening to a fellow yogi, Sarah Hutchinson, speak a few days ago, she mentioned “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” This is something I’ve heard before, but it seemed to resonate with intensity this time. The more life experience we have, we tend to subconsciously make shifts in our lives. These shifts may be in terms of finances, health, and hobbies; or the shift may occur with regards the people we spend our time with. The people you naturally select are the people who you are happy to spend your time with. The people who you truly want to invest your love and energy into. I have a pretty diverse kula, but I began to notice my own pranic flow was running dry. I felt as though, by choice, I was consumed by taking care of others. I wanted to be omnipresent. I wanted to be there when I was needed and with that I began to lose sight of what I truly required to keep my internal flame burning brightly.

In each yoga practice, I remind my students that they set aside this time, this space in their day to nourish themselves. I remind them that it’s okay to let go of their life off the mat for the duration of our practice to truly be present for time together. There will always be challenges on and off the mat; but giving ourselves permission to move through a mindful Asana and inviting stillness through meditation, we can ignite a sense of ease as we navigate through the journey of life.

Once in a Blue Moon Mid Summer Yoga Festival- Breckenridge, CO

Support Breckenridge local and fellow Meta Yogi, Bond Camp! Join Meta Yoga for a weekend full of yoga, music, Puja ceremonies, intuitive readings, and ecstatic dance. Events take place at the Meta Yoga Studio on Ridge Street and a variety of additional indoor and outdoor venues around town!