Salty air and sand beneath my feet

Salty air and sand beneath my feet. The warm ocean breeze whirling around my body. I take a deep breath to fill my body completely.

I just returned from a few days north of Tulum, Mexico. I went with the intention of reigniting my internal fire - to truly stoke the flame that continuously drives me forward. I am always thankful for these little escapes; they change my perspective.

I left my sweet little mountain town to spread my wings in a new direction. I go to see how other people live, how they eat, thrive, and love.

I pull energy from the ocean - acknowledging just how rapidly things in our lives can change. How quickly opportunities and people come in and out of our lives just like the ever changing tides; how the only true constant in life is change.

I try to absorb every detail while I'm there, truly allowing myself to be present in each situation. Traveling abroad often means there are some hiccups along the way (the place I had a reservation to stay burned down 5 days prior to my arrival) - but those are the events that force you to bring your awareness to that moment. Traveling abroad keeps you on your toes - my Spanish is mediocre at best. I have to take it upon myself to find my way, and when I need to, be willing to ask for help and guidance from others. Traveling allows you to refresh and be out of your element!

Even if you are not able to take a trip or travel abroad - create space to go somewhere you've never been and to truly be present there. 

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